Use To Drink & Cook | Simple Installation | Scalable

Reduce GHGs

Reduce Greenhouse Gases. No more bottles being produced, distributed, delivered, disposed

Comply With ALL Regulations

Prevent onboard waterborne diseases and toxic poisoning due to contaminated water

Signifant Savings

From: plastic bottles, onboard transportation, ordering-storage-waste management, WSPs Management, etc.

Produce Mineral Water Onboard

380 upto 10.000 Ltrs. Per Day

Did You know we can turn your ship's evaporated water into excellent & Constantly Fresh drinking water?

bottled water is dangerous for crew

80+ CONTAMINation types

Drinking water contains many contaminants, such as Microbes bacteria and parasites, Radionuclide radioactives, Inorganics (i.e. Arsenic), Chlorine, Disinfection byproducts.

WHO 2018 health review after 93% of leading international Bottled Water brands showed microplastic contamination

After Fredonia's State University of NY international survey analysis on 259 individual bottles from 11 different brands and 27 different lots, where 90 % of microplastics were found in bottled water, published by BBC News, WHO launches health review.

uknown bottled water conditions prior to getting on board

Shipping company cannot know the water quality itself and what storage conditions bottled water is kept at. Nor if bottles are exposed to high-temperatures or sunlight while transported from the warehouse to the ship.

On board potable water may become unsafe due to:

  • Improper loading procedures of water
  • Contaminated bunkered water
  • Cross connections between potable and non-potable water
  • Inadequate potable water storage tank construction
  • Insufficient disinfection

fall in love with our features

Constant On Board Fresh Production of Drinking Water

Our vessel systems deliver always freshly generated drinking and cooking water. All the time. Period.

7 Stage Filtration with Quick-Change Cartridges

Delivering to users on board crystal-clear drinking and cooking water. Using the most advanced water treatment technology

Filter Change Warning

Front panel embeds leds and acoustic media to inform on board users when filters' service life is about to expire

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Systems are made with simplicity in mind, both for installation and maintenance. Very fast and easy to follow

NSF/CE Trusted

Certified NSF/CE components for best water-quality guarantee results

AquaStop To Prevent Flooding

Designed to prevent the system from stopping in case of humidity or condensation. Electronically controlled, blocks the system and warns about a water leak

Reverse Osmosis Filtration & Mineral Filter

Our on board water filtration is really effective and very convenient at the same time. Squeezing water through a semi-permeable membrane, rated at 0.0001 micron! With mineral filter included

Automatic Membrane Flushing

Efficiently and periodically rinse the surface of the membrane in order to remove all deposits which may be left on the membrane

High On Board Daily Production Capacities

Produce minimum 380 litres per day of excellent potable drinking and cooking water

Full Support Directly To Shipping Companies| Always

Backed up by the largest water treatment area manufacturer since 1989

Crystalia4Sea COMPACT 7 Stage Multi-layer Filtration RO Drinking Water Vessel System

Excellent, robust and compact commercial ship solution. Produces 380 Litres Per Day, with 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis filtration. Potable drinking and cooking water of excellent quality. With Water Quality Control, Filter Control, Auto Flushing, Automatic Leak Detector and many other unique features!

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