CASE STUDY – INFINITY Drinking Water Lab Results (WHO & Outcomes) Using Vessel’s Evaporated Water

We are super excited and today I have something unique for you…Read on and I am pretty sure you’ll be delighted and relieved at the same time with what vessels on high seas are achieving with our INFINITY drinking water vessel system onboard…

Case Study – The Outcome

Vessels* used the INFINITY vessel system onboard, feeding it with fresh water from their evaporators.
The INFINITY metallic water produced daily was used:

  1. to be drunk
  2. for cooking
  3. for washing up vegetables, fruits etc. and
  4. for making up coffee, tea and other beverages

Vessels calling: S. Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Belgium, USA

Challenges Prior To Using INFINITY Onboard

  • Still plastic bottled water’ unknown: bottling dates, production process filtering procedures, storing & transport conditions, etc.
  • Costs Of: Ordering, Shipping To Ports Globally, Carrying Onboard, Managing Onboard, Discharging at Each Port and… All Over Again the same procedures at the next port for vessels’ potable bottled water
  • Paperwork in each port, for each vessel
  • Paying in ports Waste Management Charges for discharging empty plastic bottles
  • No Certifications at all on still bottled water’s quality
  • No Compliance with the strictest EU Directive on Drinking Water (DIRECTIVE 98/83/EC)
  • No Compliance with WHO “pH in Drinking-water Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality”. Page 6/7 CONCLUSIONS (get the PDF WHO document by visiting and clicking on present message’s bottom side (right above our address) “Get here W.H.O. Compliance Doc for INFINITY” )

How INFINITY Drinking Water Vessel System Helped

  • In most vessels INFINITY vessel system was installed in the Kitchen (in some others in Officers Mess Rooms)
  • Water source to INFINITY vessel system was supplied by vessel’s fresh water generated from the evaporator
  • Very Good Crew Acceptance
  • Metallic Water used for Various Purposes (drinking, cooking, making beverages, washing vegetables & fruits)
  • No more ordering/transporting/carrying/storing/handling and discharging of still water plastic bottles
  • Vessels were having a minimum of 45% to 65% savings
  • Last but not least, INFINITY Drinking Water generated onboard had excellent Lab Results (get the PDF INFINITY Lab Results document by visiting and clicking on present message’s bottom side (right above our address) “Get here INFINITY Lab Results from Vessel’s System Tests”)

(* shipping companies H.Q.s did not want to make their names available, so we have to respect this…)