Crystalia4Sea REFRI

Get Instant Cold Water Onboard


Instant cold water at 2-10°C

Crystalia4Sea REFRI lets users of Crystalia4Sea COMPACT and Crystalia4Sea 600 series to get cold water at 2-10°C temperature when they need it.

Crystalia4Sea REFRI Onboard Water Refrigerator.

easy to install

cold water when you need it

Crystalia4Sea REFRI  is an easy to install and operate unit, for crew-members in need of cold drinking water .


with compact and 600 series

Through a simple connection to the existing onboard interface of Crystalia4Sea COMPACT and Crystalia4Sea 600, seafarers can have instant access to fresh, healthy and cold drinking water.

get it for different vessel accommodations
how about your fleet?
Engine Room

get it onboard

interested in mariner welfare & sustainability?

Do you want your ship to constantly freshly produce its own mineral crystal-clear drinking and cooking water, on a mixture of cold, hot and room-temperature water, with 24X7 availability, in various vessel decks, from 760-2.300 ltrs. per day?