In direct and close cooperation with Puricom Europe, P Ship Systems:

  • Develops
  • Distributes
  • Updates
  • Fully Supports

our customer base worldwide branded drinking water vessel systems which follow standards of standardization and carry certificates of conformity as well, based on the EU Directive 98/83 EC.

The EU Directive 98/83 EC is considered globally to be the strictest of all directive concerning drinking water.
On top, Puricom Europe is also a member of the US Water Quality Association (WQA).

Large Production Capacity – System and Consumables Wise

We can cover any shipping company’s drinking water vessel system project needed, no matter how many vessels its fleet consists of worldwide, as we have indeed high production capacity on all:

  • Systems
  • Filters
  • R.O. Membranes
  • Etc.

Qualitative System Production Procedures During Production

Delivering an Excellent Drinking Water Vessel System
All our systems undergo:

  • Activated Carbon Filter Life Cycle Tests
  • Burst Testing (pressure range 400PSI)
  • Faucet Life Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Final Check Before getting shipped to the vessel

Our production methods for vessel systems delivered, amongst others, embed:

  • Assembled Pump Testing
  • Robot Automatic Pump Assembly Lines