Very Reliable Filters and R.O. Membranes

Sealed Filters and R.O. Membranes - INFINITY Drinking Water Vessel System by P Ship Systems Ltd.

Autonomous Drinking Water Vessel System For Vessels

Infinity R.O. Marine Drinking Water Vessel System - P Ship Systems Ltd.
Infinity R.O. Drinking Water Vessel System

The filters our drinking water vessel system uses are directly recognised by their packaging
(as opposed to other filters circulating in the market which are completely white-label filters and upon which they stick their own private labels of supposedly own characteristics)

All Filters and the Reverse Osmosis Membrane of the INFINITY Drinking Water Vessel System are securely and safely stored inside special sterilized packaging.

Each filter packaging bears the number of standardization standard number.
Filter’s packaging process follows strict rules and checks of hygiene.

Each Filter’s characteristics are printed on the body of each filter in a way that its falsification, imitation and usage by non-authorized companies and private parties makes it impossible to tamper.