Video-Delivering Cleaner and Greener Water To Seafarers and Ships-A Case Study with Prime Marine

During the IMPA ‘Sustainability in Shipping’ virtual conference at 14th December 2021, George Stroumpoulis, Environmental & Energy Performance Manager of Prime Marine and Giorgos Kyriazis, Associate of P Ship Systems, presented a Case Study, using P Ship System’s drinking water vessel solutions in Prime Marine Management fleet to eliminate plastic bottled water and deliver a cleaner and greener drinking and cooking water to seafarers and their ships.

Followed by Q&A from IMPA’s COO Steve Alexander.

A unique Case Study that the global shipping industry has not seen before from the environmental perspective, where as Prime Marine strives to be ahead of industry’s regulations, George talks about their Sustainability Policy, systems used on board their fleet and actual benefits, plus other unique key findings having implemented on Prime Marine’s Tankers and LPG Carriers.

An amazing first-ever published Case Study, that can act as a global reference for ship owners and operators who want to get distinct ESG advantages in mariner welfare and sustainability, the core values and dedication of  P Ship Systems.